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Hands-On and Interactive Panama City Beach Educational Sail

Quick Details

Ahoy! Are you ready for an unforgettable educational journey?

Step aboard Paradise Adventure’s Educational Sail for a maritime experience like no other! Join us as we set sail on our floating classroom, where hands-on learning meets maritime tradition.

Here’s what awaits you:

First, embark on a voyage of knowledge with our Knot Tying Session. Learn essential sailing knots like the square knot, cleat hitch and bowline, gaining practical skills crucial for seamanship.

Next, dive into the wonders of the local ecosystem with our Nature Scavenger Hunt. Explore the area, discovering fascinating flora and fauna while learning about environmental conservation.

Then, hoist the sails and set course for adventure during our Catamaran Sail. Get a crash course in sailing basics, feel the wind in your hair and engage in insightful discussions about marine life and environmental preservation.

Your journey will wrap up with a debrief session. Reflect on what you have learned, ask questions and deepen your understanding of sailing and conservation.

Don’t miss the boat on this incredible educational adventure with Paradise Adventure’s Educational Sail. Book your charter today and let the learning begin!

Your Charter Timeline

Total Time: Approximately 1 Hour 45 Minutes 


Please have your group meet at our kiosk for check-in 15 minutes before your charter time. 

Knot Tying Session:

Dive into the art of sailing knots with an introduction to foundational ties like the square knot, cleat hitch and bowline. Participants will get hands-on experience, mastering these essential knots crucial for effective seamanship. Gain insights into the practical uses of each knot on a boat, enhancing your understanding of nautical skills during this engaging 20-minute session.

Nature Scavenger Hunt:

Immerse yourself in the wonders of the local ecosystem with a brief introduction to the diverse flora and fauna around the dock. Receive scavenger hunt lists, guiding you to discover and observe intriguing items. Facilitators will share fascinating facts about the environment as you explore. Take the opportunity to complete the hunt as you stroll along the dock, enhancing your nature experience. Plan for approximately 20 minutes.

Catamaran Sail:

Upon boarding, our team will lead a concise introduction to sailing basics, including wind direction and boat navigation. Then, engage in a 45-minute hands-on session guided by experienced crew members, which will provide invaluable practical experience. Immerse yourself in an educational discussion about marine life, the local ecosystem and the crucial importance of environmental preservation while enjoying the sail. Wrap up with a discussion on safe boating practices, ensuring real-life application and a well-rounded sailing experience.

Lesson Overview:

Conclude your adventure with a debrief session, reflecting on key learnings from the various activities. We’ll allow time for questions and answers, encouraging guests onboard to seek insights on sailing, marine life and environmental conservation. This portion of your experience will be approximately 20 minutes.

Youth Group Sailing Opportunities:
Do you lead a dynamic summer program, church youth group or is your troop eager to earn its maritime badges? We invite you to join us for an enriching and interactive experience in Panama City Beach. Set sail with us to cultivate teamwork, leadership skills and a deeper connection with nature. This hands-on experience is designed to enrich the understanding of sailing, navigation and marine life. Don’t miss this chance to combine education with adventure as we guide your troop through a memorable maritime experience. For our local troops, let’s work together to help your group achieve their merit badges.