Kayak Rentals

Are There Kayak Rentals Near Me?

There are if you’re near Panama City Beach!

Rent one of our brand new clear kayaks and create your adventure with the lights and sea underneath your feet. You will get to see fish and other wildlife as you paddle through their environment.

Where To Kayak In Panama City Beach?

Take a tour of the private lagoon at Sheratons Panama City Beach Golf and Spa resort. Get up close and personal with nature on your relaxing adventure. Our kayaks are equipped with LED lights that light up the underwater world as you’ve never seen before. On our nighttime tours, the lights will illuminate the sea for some breathtaking views of the water and resort.

How Much Does A Kayak Rental Cost?

Kayak rentals start at $25 for a 1-hour duration. Single or Tandem Kayaks are available.

*Life jackets are mandatory on all kayak rentals
*Must be at least 16 or accompanied by an adult