How to get to Shell Island

Shell Island Adventures

Explore the natural beauty of the Gulf Coast

Shell Island is a true hidden gem and one of the last of its kind. With approximately 7 miles of pristine, undeveloped shoreline, this is your one-stop-shop for reconnecting with nature and the surrounding ecosystem while enjoying a day at the beach.

At Paradise Adventures, we offer many tours that take you to the locally renowned Shell Island. We believe that getting to Shell Island is half the fun, and we offer several tour options to choose from!


Image of "Paradise Island" a private area off Shell Island with inflatable water activities, including a water slide.

Shell Island Adventure Tour

Experience all that Shell Island has to offer with something for the entire family to enjoy! This tour is all-inclusive and is packed with every sort of beachy activity, from kayaks to waterslides to dolphin sightseeing!

The Ohana Sailboat glides along the waves for a private cruise

Shell Island Specialty Cruises

Whether you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary, wedding, corporate party, private party, or something else, our friendly staff will help you design a trip that will be both entertaining and memorable!

A family captains a Paradise Adventures rental pontoon with the shore of Shell Island in the distance.

Pontoon Boat Rentals

Book a trip for a half or full day on one of our beautiful pontoon boats to explore some of the top spots Panama City Beach is known for. Whether it’s snorkeling at Shell Island with family and friends or just enjoying the gorgeous waters off the world’s most beautiful beaches, you will be creating memories that will last a lifetime!

What is Shell Island?

Nestled between St. Andrews Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, Shell Island is an untouched, uninhabited island that showcases the natural beauty of the Gulf Coast. With everything from wildlife to serene views, Shell Island is always a family favorite.

What to do on Shell Island?

Exploring the hundreds of species of plants and wildlife that the Shell Island ecosystem offers is one of the best ways to spend your next visit. Although the island may appear barren at first glance, further investigation will allow you to discover the many native species such as deer, various shorebirds, crabs, turtles, and even many endangered species of sea creatures.

If the name didn’t give it away already, Shell Island is one of the best places along the Gulf Coast to beachcomb for seashells. With 7 miles of natural shoreline, there is always something to discover.

Some of the area’s best snorkeling can be done in the emerald waters surrounding Shell Island. For those avid snorkeling fans, we even offer various packages to extend your time to explore!


A man is snorkeling beneath the waters as tropical fish swim about

“Footloose” Snorkeling Trip

Our Catamaran snorkel tours offer guests extended snorkeling time and a relaxing sail on this 40-foot, 38-passenger sailing catamaran! The “Footloose” Catamaran offers daily adventures into the shimmering turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico, where we look for dolphins on each one of our trips along the way.

No matter your chosen method of how to get to Shell Island, when you voyage with Paradise Adventures, every trip is a memorable one! Contact us today to set up your custom-tailored day of sun, sand and satisfaction!



The “Privateer”, is a 52 foot, U.S. Coast Guard Certified Catamaran that carries up to 78 passengers. Built in 2012, the “Privateer” Catamaran is one of the newest Catamarans in the United States and offers a large and spacious deck with plenty of covered seating for the hot summer days and outside seating for those that want to catch the perfect Panama City Beach Sunset!


The “Footloose” Catamaran, is a 40 foot, U.S. Coast Guard Certified Catamaran that carries up to 38 passengers. The Footloose Catamaran has seating for over 50 guests throughout the boat. In the front of the boat, you will find a large sunning net and deck seating. One clean restroom on board, along with two steps off the back of the boat for our snorkel trips.

Center Console

Paradise Adventures has been providing fun, safe and memorable experiences daily in Panama City Beach for almost a decade! If you are looking for a more private tour, we offer this option on one of our center console boats!