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Packing List For Your Unforgettable Panama City Beach Vacation | 8 Things To Consider

Footloose Catamaran at anchored at Shell Island

40′ SV Footloose at Shell Island

Will you be embarking on a tropical vacation to Panama City Beach? Do your vacation plans also include a private or shared charter on a powerboat or catamaran to explore Shell Island or the Gulf of Mexico? To help you make the most of your vacation, we’ve put together this list of packing essentials you may want to consider bringing.

1. Lightweight Clothing
Consider packing breathable and lightweight clothing, suitable for hot and humid weather. Include items like shorts, skirts, t-shirts, tank tops, sundresses, and lightweight pants. The climate in Panama City Beach stays relatively warm year-round.

2. Swimsuits and Beach Gear
Packing one or a few swimsuits or swim trunks will help you to make the most of our beautiful beaches and fun water activities, like snorkeling. When you’re not on the beach, cover-ups or proper attire are recommended over your swimsuits.

a little girl sitting at a beachJoining us on a charter? If you have your own snorkeling gear, we welcome it aboard – or if you prefer to save space in your luggage, most Paradise Adventures powerboats and catamarans are equipped with snorkeling gear for your use. Please know our charters do not include towels; if your accommodations do not provide any we recommend bringing your own.

3. Footwear
If you’ll be joining us on a charter, please wear only flat shoes on the boat. Flip-flops or boat shoes are preferred. For your safety, no heels are allowed on the boat.

4. Sun Protection
Sun protection is very important in Panama City Beach! Pack a non-aerosol sunscreen with a high SPF rating. We also recommend sunglasses with UV protection, hats and long-sleeve rash guards for added sun protection.

At the Paradise Adventures check-in kiosk, you will find sunscreen, sunglasses, long-sleeve lightweight shirts and hats available for purchase.

5. I.D.
If you’re joining us on board, are over 21 and would like to consume alcohol, please bring your I.D.; we require everyone to present their ID. Most excursions at Paradise Adventures include one complimentary beverage.

6. Toiletries & Personal Medications
Remember to pack all necessary prescription medications and don’t forget your toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste and any other personal care items you may wish to have. Just remember, typically when traveling via aircraft, unless you’ve checked your luggage, containers with liquids must be less than 3.4 fluid ounces and fit in a quart-sized bag. Insects are seldom a problem, but it’s a good idea to bring repellent just in case.

7. Other Accessories
You may also want to have a bag to easily pack your beach gear. Some guests even choose to use water-resistant bags; if you’re on a boat with Paradise Adventures just ask your captain or crew where the best place to store your belongings may be. Some cameras are designed to safely submerge underwater, if you have one, these are a great way to capture fun memories from your adventures on the water.

8. Electronics
If you will be traveling with electronics like your cell phone, camera, e-reader, portable speaker or a laptop, remember to bring your charging cords.

Most importantly, pack the items that will help you to have an enjoyable and comfortable vacation. We look forward to welcoming you to Panama City Beach, Florida and we hope to sail with you soon.



July 12, 2023

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