78 Passenger Catamaran

The “Privateer”, is a 52 foot, U.S. Coast Guard Certified Catamaran that carries up to 78 passengers. Built in 2012, the “Privateer” Catamaran is one of the newest Catamarans in the United States and offers a large and spacious deck with plenty of covered seating for the hot summer days and outside seating for those that want to catch the perfect Panama City Beach Sunset! Two sunning nets are located in the front of the boat, wind and rain coverage can be found down in the bar area. The Privateer also has an attached slide off of the back of the boat that can be used during one of our day time trips. We carry a fully stocked bar and accept cash or credit cards on board. Two clean on board restrooms can be found for your convenience.

*It is our company policy to collect 20% gratuity on parties of 20 or more for all of our sails**