Halo System

Paradise Adventures…

is proud to announce its installation of the HALO PDCE Lightning Suppressor for marine applications, distributed by EMP Solutions, Inc. (OTC:EMPS). U.S.-based charter Owner Donnie Coker was concerned for the safety of his passengers and crew, as well as the onboard electronics and the structural integrity of his 52-foot catamaran, “Privateer’. This sailing vessel can accommodate up to 49 passengers and is equipped with a fully stocked bar, two restrooms and a water slide. Its 68-foot mast towers over most other vessels in the area, making it a prime target for Florida’s devastating lightning storms. Having had first-hand experience with lightning, Mr. Coker wanted to make sure his passengers, crew and boat were fully protected.

The installation was challenging, as it was prime charter season for Paradise Adventures and they typically run 4 tour’s a day. EMP Solutions, with tremendous support from the captain and crew of the “Privateer”, was able to install the HALO PDCE unit atop the mast during the course of several day and evening charter trips. Passengers got to enjoy the sailing trip as well as a first-hand look William Rust, VP of Operations for EMP Solutions, harnessed himself to the mast and made several trips to the top to install and inspect the final work. “Installing at sea was a new experience for us. Dangling 68 feet above the ocean in a harness makes everything more difficult and frankly, a bit terrifying”, said Rust. Overall the installation was a great success and Paradise Adventures, its owners and crew were thrilled with the results.

This installation makes the ‘Privateer’ the first commercial vessel in the United States that has a lightning prevention system designed to protect passengers and crew, as well as the vessel. Per the press release from EMP Solutions, Inc., it is expected “that other charter companies will follow in the footsteps of Paradise Adventures and take the initiative to protect its passengers and crew”.

For more information about the HALO PDCE Lighting Suppressor visit – EMP Solutions